Monday, 9 February 2009

Waiting for news

So, notwithstanding the Nation's poor choice of source and story, it seems all Barbados and the entertainment industry are abuzz this morning with the news of Rihanna and Chris Brown's withdrawal from the Grammys following allegations that she was the victim of an attack for which he was arrested and charged. While we await further news, I'm left to reconcile my initial anger that this familiar tale of physical abuse might be the biggest story of our little sister's already outstanding career, and of the most high-profile, young, black couple in R&B.

Barbados already seems to be gathering a posse to fly to LA and kick the ass of the offender. We're also hoping the truth is not as bad as it seems. Above it all, we hope Rihanna is now doing better than earlier reported, and is getting the necessary support to deal with it all.


  1. Hmm, in all that I have read so far the woman in question has not been identified. Yes, it might very well be her but then again it might not.

    So the Bajan posse needs to hold off sending de posse to LA and everyone needs to stop jumping on the rumour bandwagon and just wait for the facts.

    The way communication works in today's world, we will all know the truth pretty soon anyway.

  2. There are quite a few eye witness accounts, and even though they will never identify the victim of such an incident unless she makes a statement herself, reliable accounts are that it was Rihanna. In any event, TMC maintains up to this point that these are allegations, but with her own withdrawal from the show, her bruises and brief hospitalization, the evidence is quite telling.

    Whatever the cause of her distress, we hope she's ok. But her career is already marred by this incident even if they are just allegations. And this is what makes me angry. Same old story in the black community.

  3. career marred?! you aint see kanye mek a whole album out of a one horn? come now marsh, this is fodder for the press? material fa days!

    im sorry she got banged up if it's true tho, thats never justified unless she was told once, and then had to be told twice. (a joke marsh. a joke). lol. and yes, I know I shouldnt joke about these things either, be gentle.

    I have not seen her with an icepack to her bruised face on live tv so for now i treat it all as rumour. A certain bajan blog has run helter skelter down the road with the story tho. So i don't think the hounds will be called off in any hurry.

    she seems to have made up with Mr. Brown also, paparazzi snapped them at a gas station post arrest soo.. lets move on.

    Or are we going to LA to kick ass, what're we doing.

  4. 'Career marred' doesn't mean it will affect her album sales. It means it will be something she is always remembered for. I'd like to be proven wrong, but history backs me up.

    You'll notice my entry doesn't treat anything as proven either. And you're right. I find none of it funny.


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