Sunday, 15 February 2009

I can't handle the truth

I wish I were a bigger woman, but ever since Tom Cruise outed himself as a wackadoodle, it affects my enjoyment of his older films. I don't consider Cruise's furrowed-brow approach to every emotion brilliant acting, but sometimes that wild-eyed grimace is just what a movie needs. And he is the face of a few classics that I like to dig up now and again, like A Few Good Men and Top Gun. But Mission Impossible III was on TV this weekend, and every time I saw his face, I just wanted to keep yelling "Glib! GLIB!" at the television.

Sometimes I really don't want to know the truth about actors. Then - as in the case of Sean Connery (I knew there was a reason Roger Moore was my favourite Bond) - I might be forced to hate them forever.


  1. I had somehow managed to forget about this Scientology video. That is some classic, classic stuff. It almost inspires me to go crazy myself.

  2. Mongoose...... I cringed watching MI3 and 1/16 of Jerry Mcguire last night. Thank you for tricking me into watching the scientology footage of TC rambling like a lunatic,I am now scarred for life.

    I used to struggle through but now can never watch another TC film again. (hopefully he will stop acting but that is wishful thinking)


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