Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Adventures in horripilation with Marc and the mongoose

I often wear this funky, fauxhawk hairstyle which my sister says makes me look like the mum from Dinosaurs. I of course ignore her hateification on my stellar hairstyling capabilities, and keep rocking my did (from 'do - from hairdo; we have a complicated language, the three sisters). So in her honour, I think the next time I go home, I'm going to step off the plane wearing one of these styles from Marc Jacobs. The man clearly had me in mind during NY Fashion Week:

Ok this first one will never fly. Get it? Chortle.

These two might work out well because this is how I look straight out of bed in the morning with no hairspray. True story.

I am extremely partial to this because I rock similar sunglasses. Mine are smaller, but after seeing the ensemble look, I might go for the upgrade.

But no! I have found my holy grail:

Alert the aviation towers, sis. The mongoose has a new 'do.

Thanks to Jezebel for the inspiration.

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