Monday, 2 February 2009

No weather for a mongoose

In the midst of the recession, by which the UK will reportedly be the worst hit, along comes an arctic blast to top off the (psychological and financial) depression.

The Federation of Small Businesses estimated this morning that the 20% of workers who fail to reach work today will cost the economy £1.2bn. Although, the FSB has also calculated that a typical bank holiday costs the economy £6bn, so I'm not sure whether they're suggesting we never take a day off. Still, with so many smaller companies just getting by, this weather could hardly have come at a worse time. Read the FSB's and other analyses here.

In the meantime, here's what your furry tropical friend is dealing with in her backyard: Send reinforcements.


  1. depressing? miss ting u r so wrong. snowdays like today are the only good thing about winter :o).

    anyway, when u consider tht the banking crisis is a tens (and possibly hundreds) of trillions kinda problem ( tht might last for a generation, then a measly £1.2bn for one day is neither here nor there right :o)

  2. "Snowdays like today are the only good thing about winter"

    That's assuming you have nowhere to go and no business whose profits are already being gouged by the economic slowdown. Some smaller companies are crawling from day to day hoping the next day will get better so they can keep up with overheads.

    Re. the productivity loss estimates, I think they really just give those to have a number to toss around. It isn't as if economies cannot survive off days in general. I think the micro effects for small companies are the issue, especially now, and especially if this weather system continues.


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