Friday, 13 February 2009

Look alive, Antigua!

We've only been playing cricket in the Caribbean for a gazillion years. You'd think we would have figured out by now how to maintain the outfield of cricket grounds and prepare run-ups. Yet, the second test against England in Antigua had to be abandoned after only ten balls because of safety concerns related to the fitness of the ground.

I feel like I ask this question every other month, but what in lime-green tarnation is the West Indies Cricket Board busying itself with? This is Test cricket, people, not Blue House versus Red House at Luther Thorne Memorial. The situation is too embarrassing for words, although Sir Vivian Richards - for whom the unfit stadium is named - had a few:
"It's like an arrow through the heart," said an exasperated Richards.
I feel you, Sir Viv. I feel you.


  1. Yup, it's exactly how I felt. Did they hear about this test coming to them last week? Imagine the whole caribbean is licking its chops to see our boys repeat their most recent effort only to have an ENTIRE test abandoned because the ground was not properly prepared!?

    WAH DE RAS**E!

  2. lol, they say the board went downhill when they went from WICBC to WICB taking off that last word control. They have no control right now. A clueless lot always finding new ingenious ways to embarass us.

  3. You know, Jdid. You may have something there. People say it as a joke, but I think when the board changed, they stopped paying attention to the quality control element and focused solely on executive decisions. You know how we in the Caribbean like to put on our big, suit jackets and feel important. They may feel like an outfield is for the little people to worry about.

  4. You know what the ABSOLUTE worst part about all of this is? The WICB office is four miles away from that atrocity of a sandbox they created. four miles ya.. stupse.

    Check out Michael Holdings take on it.


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