Friday, 15 October 2010

The Mongoose Lives - Blog Note

So I've noticed that you people have completely given up on even acting interested in my whereabouts and wheretofores. At first there were several questions about when I might start posting again, then general dribbles of "Hey wassup. Just checking" messages. And now, not so much as a glance. How fickle, the six of you.

Notwithstanding the neglect, I am passing through to confirm to no one in particular that posting officially resumes on the blog on November 1st, although I may try to add some content before then. The reason for my absence - a new job that has been consuming all my waking hours and most of what should be sleeping ones - will also restrict the range of topics I can cover as well as the range of people I can piss off. Not even sure I can say "piss off", but there I go, living on the edge.

Still, let's see how far we get with these new parameters. See you in November.


  1. LOL - silly Mar, I've only not bugged you so as not to bug you! I've checked by a few times, though. :)

    Glad to hear about your new job apparently going well, and that you'll be back! W00t!

  2. Glad to see that you are on your way back:)

  3. Thanks, blogren! Can't wait to get started again.

  4. Well iis ABOUT bleedin' time. You were leaving me to read *gulp* the NEWSPAPERS online at night. Not to mention my bleary-eyed forays into what passes as rigorous blogging in other places *vomit a little*.

    So see you in Nov!

  5. Good to see you in these parts. Been meaning to tell you that I finally like, like, very much Go Dung!


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