Monday, 11 May 2009

Hands up who wants to smell like a Konvict!

Akon, who believes that conflict diamonds are a figment of your imagination, is launching two fragrances. Via Jezebel and WWD:

Named after his top-selling album Konvict and his given name Aliaune "Akon" Thiam, the two scents will be produced in partnership with the singer's newly formed company, Konvict Cosmetics Intl.

Hmmm...the scent of the Akon brand: what would it be? What would it be? I say wadded up Kleenex from the floor of a stripclub bathroom and cheap whiskey, with topnotes of sweat and vomit. Perfect for the summer months.
"We are excited and honored to launch both Aliuane and Konvict with Akon," says Jack Aini, chief executive officer of Konvict Cosmetics.
If Jack managed to say that with a straight face, I applaud him. But then, he's CEO of a company named Konvict, so I probably underestimate his embarrassment threshold.

Industry sources expect the two scents to generate about $25 million in first-year retail sales. Aliaune, which is meant to target an older more sophisticated customer will be priced $55 for 3.4 oz. Konvict, meant to speak to a younger consumer, will be available in 3.4 oz. for $35.
Well, you old folks have missed your chance to be Konvicts. That's purely a youthful aspiration.

Stay kclassy, Konvict KCosmetics (Int'l)!

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