Monday, 2 March 2009

Mugabe: "Let them eat...well, nothing. The cake is for me"

I believe that karma is a myth. Some people who seem to be made of pure evil just live well forever.

There is no truer testament to this notion than Robert Mugabe, who recently turned 85, but looks 60. While over half of Zimbabwe's population struggles to fend off starvation and with a cholera epidemic having killed 4 000 people, Mugabe has just held a $250 000 birthday party with 3 000 guests and a 187-lb cake, as part of a week of celebration.

It surely requires great restraint and courage on the part of Morgan Tsvangirai to share power with a despot as he watches his own country crumble, and while I understand his caution to the international community to 'get over' Mugabe and focus on the people of Zimbabwe, it is apparent that the country's ruler of 30 years is at the root of many of its problems. It's easy to use the language of revolution while safely tucked away here in London, but I don't think that Tsvangirai should discourage the world from being outraged by Mugabe. Perhaps in a new world order, if that is indeed forthcoming, that outrage will spark decisive change.

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