Friday, 13 March 2009

He's wearing a skirt! After him!

What the...?

Homophobia and intolerance are reaching new, saddening, embarrassing and absurd heights in the Caribbean.
In recent weeks, Guyanese police have been arresting male cross-dressers.

Last month, a Guyana magistrate fined seven men GY$7,500 (US36dollars) for wearing "women's clothes", an offence under local law.

It also happens that the "wearing of female attire by men" is also forbidden.

I am so tired of Caribbean politicians hiding behind 'preservation of morality' as an excuse for not bringing their countries out of the Dark Ages with respect to human rights.
Guyana's health minister, Leslie Ramsammy, told BBC Caribbean the issue of laws that impact on homosexuality was a sensitive matter for politicians in the region.

He said he didn't think the Caribbean public was ready for major changes in this area.

What a cowardly, bullshit excuse that translates simply to "We need to preserve the status quo in order to get re-elected." I love my Caribbean, but I would not for a minute object to donor organizations and governments placing aid freezes on countries who do not adhere to the human rights conventions to which they are signatory. Perhaps then, these spineless politicians will realize that their duty is to serve all citizens, not just the ones who behave in the way they like.

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