Monday, 31 May 2010

Newsclips and quotes [Still working on that unexplained stigma]

(Emphasis mine.)

Chairman of the AIDS Foundation, Colin Brewer, said while the foundation was making progress in the fight, there was still much to do.


He added that although the foundation provided assistance to those living alternative lifestyles, it did not condone the behaviour.

He also urged those present to "rededicate" themselves to the challenge of eradicating any stigma associated with HIV.

Well. Wonder where that stigma comes from.


  1. Wow. And this from the chairman of the AIDS foundation. What a delicate balancing act: professing concern about eradicating the stigma associated with HIV while declaring (less he be labeled a lover of the dreaded homosexual) that he does not approve of their lifestyle. That takes skill.

  2. lol. Does he even recognize the connection between his remarks and the stigma which he claims he is trying to eradicate? sometimes you have to wonder . . .


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