Friday, 28 May 2010

Newsclips and quotes [I got your issues right here]

[Via Showbiz Spy via Jezebel]-"We all have the same issues. Every woman. It's thighs, butt, arms, muffintops. All those fun things, we all have the same issues." — Heidi Klum.

Except, not every woman counts those as 'issues'. Feeding ourselves and our dependents; physical security; finding and keeping a job; getting equal pay for equal work on that job; not being sexually harassed on that job; reproductive rights and autonomy; affordable, accessible health care provided by professionals who see us, hear us, value our input and well-being. I could go on and on about the things that concern millions of women everywhere, and readers can add several more. Thighs, butts and arms - those are body parts*. Not issues.

*ETA: And for some of us, the above issues are influenced by the disabilities with which we live, yunno, speaking of body 'issues'.

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  1. Yeaaaah no. Some of us dont have the luxury to partake in the same issues that you and your cohorts enjoy. See, we arent sure if the job we have today will be there for us on Monday six of my coworkers who were laid of yesterday.

    And some of us wonder if we will ever have children or if we even want to. And others hope that when he said he will never hit me again, he really means it this time.

    So we dont "all really have the same issues", Heidi, not really.


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