Monday, 15 June 2009

Wake up, mongoose!

I haven't been as industrious with the blogging of late because I'm a little busy with planning a move and all of the phone calls, paperwork and appointments involved in wrapping up one life and starting another. One upside of the whole thing is that I've been very motivated to spend time with friends from the area that I won't see very often once I've left. You should live every day like you're about to move. Either you'll remember why the people in your life are there, and appreciate them even more, or you'll all realize you hate each other and get tired of the love-ins pretty quickly. The former rather than the latter applies in my case (for me, at least. One hopes all others involved agree). But either way, I'd say the process is useful.

Fear not, however! I have a folder full of blogworthy (I hate that word. Someone find me a new word) news items and thoughts to attend to; complete with underlined words and exclamation marks and lions and tigers and bears. So I hope to have some time this week to jump right back into the fray, fighting evil, championing justice and eating jellybeans. That last one is just for me.

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