Sunday, 16 August 2009

The (triumphant) return of the mongoose!

Ok, not so triumphant. I haven't been off fighting a war or liberating meerkats in captivity or anything. But I have been getting readjusted to life in the tropics. Yes, you read true: I'm back in Barbados for the medium term, struggling to cope with the white sand beaches, the brilliant weather and all the mangoes I could ever hope to eat. It is such hard work being me.

But fear not. While I expect to be covering quite a few more local and regional issues than before, the blog will maintain its international focus. We are, after all, citizens of the world, concerned with truth and justice everywhere. Can you sense the excitement and the superhero passion in my words? It's because I'm so thrilled to be blogging again. I've missed my readers and commenters so, even the crotchety ones - that's how high my spirits are. So, without further messing about, let us onward.


  1. Welcome back. We missed you. I'm so jealous right now cuz I can't be there.

  2. How wonderful to see you back! My e-mail updates seem to be cacked. Glad I still make it a habit to come by occasionally! :D

    Dunno if you've seen, but I'm now on the team of Contributors at Shakesville. :)

  3. Thanks, guys. :)

    S. Toe: everytime I step outside, I'll take an extra gulp of Bajan air just for you. Better? I thought so. I'm a giver.

    CaitieCat: I did see! I'm very impressed. You're doing a great job. I'm trying to get back into the community there, but I'm so behind on life. I think the virtual pub might be the best way to ease back in, with the help of my good friend Guinness.


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